Sunday, April 17, 2016

Riggen Thomas and Dawson Van

First off- I am no writer. I want to write down some things I don't want to forget about the day I had the boys. It will not only be nice for me to look back on, but it will be for them some day too. I hope ;) 

On February 26, 2016 I was 34.6 days pregnant. With twins. I was so ready to be done being pregnant (this is what my brain thought), but my heart new I needed to bake them babes for a couple more weeks. I had been having contractions for the last month, but nothing super serious that ever made me think I was in real labor. Well that Friday I woke up and checked my phone. I had a text message from a group of friends who wanted to get together and take the kids to McDonalds for lunch. I remember thinking I really don't want to go. I'll have to get up and get calvy and I both ready, wrestle him in the car, battle him to be nice to his friends, and I simply just couldn't keep up with him anymore unless I had Tyler there to help me. All these thoughts ran through my head before I even responded to the text. My decision was made that I would go and take my almost 3 year old to have a good time with his friends before two babies came and rocked his whole world. 

We went. We had a good time and he played nice with his friends (for a while). Then after lunch my friend asked me to come to her house so she could paint my toes before I had the babies, and the kids could play outside. It was a nice day and they had been playing so well together I decided we should go. 

We got there and started painting toes and all started well. It was nearing calvins nap time and he started getting frustrated with sharing toys with his friends. Then he started getting really frustrated... Pushing and yelling and throwing fits about EVERYTHING. Another friend who was there was trying to help, but Calvin had had it. I had had it. It was time to go home and take a nap before I really lost my mind. We got home and I put Calvin down for a nap, and I decided I might as well take one, too. 

I woke up around 6 PM to the babies kicking and moving around as per usual. Then a few minutes later I noticed I had been having some constant contractions and decided to start counting them. 7:00 roles around and they were getting more uncomfortable. 4-5 minutes apart and lasting 50-60 seconds long. I texted a friend who worked in labor and delivery and asked if it was busy and if I should come up. She said it was pretty slow and that if my contractions were that frequent and weren't stopping after lying down or drinking water that I should go get checked. During the time I had been texting her, the contractions had gotten significantly more painful. I asked her which dr, was on call (because of COURSE it was the weekend and my dr is never in town on the weekend.) her response was not the person I wanted. He was a new Dr. And I began to worry about what was going to happen that night. 

Tyler loaded Calvin and I up in the car, we took a bag full of essentials just in case and headed to the hospital. My friend was still working so she got to be my nurse. I was so glad! She hooked me and the two baby heartbeats up to the computer thingy and started watching us closely. A resident came in to check me. I was dilated to a 1 and 75% effaced. I needed to stay another couple hours to make sure I wasn't progressing and then I could go home. At this point my contractions were not as painful as they were before. My mind was made up that this was false labor and we would be going home! I was relieved! 

Two hours passed and the Resident came in to check me again. I was dilated to a 3! All the swear words. I told her my mind was made up that these babies were not coming tonight. She wanted to admit me to the hospital but I talked her into giving me another two hours to see if I had progressed at all. She agreed. 

At this point I was distraught. My contractions had started up again and were really painful. I started to accept the idea of possibly having the babies that night and I was in tears. This was so not the plan. My dr was out of town. I was barely 35 weeks as of a couple hours prior! Most likely NICU time, a possible c section, all the scary thoughts started running through my mind. 

I called a couple of my closest friends and cried to them. They both showed up and hung out for a while. Tyler's parents came and got Calvin. When he left I was crying in pain from a contraction and he started crying and told me not to be sick and that he loved me. I felt so bad that that day had not been ideal for him as a possible last day of being an only child. He was so sweet. 

The resident came back in and checked me and I was still at a three. She said I could go home if I wanted, but that since my contractions were painful and still present, she thought I would most likely end up coming back in a couple hours later. She left while Tyler and i talked about what we should do. We both decided to stay until the next morning and if I hadn't progressed I would go home. 

My friends stayed a little while longer and then decided to go home, it was about 2 am. They were so sweet to stay with me. 

    My sweet friends Ashley and Hailey

Tyler and I both fell asleep after they left. My contractions weren't as consistent anymore so I figured it best to try and get some sleep. I woke up to the worst back pain and contraction combined. Back labor I assumed. I gave it a couple more minutes and called my nurse in. She brought the resident in and they checked me and I had progressed to a 5. It hit me, I was really having these babies today. She said I was far enough along to get my epidural which was good news. 

Tyler and my friend (who was still my nurse for the next hour until her shift ended) were there helping me when I got my epidural. I'm a baby and hate needles and my back is all screwed up from scoliosis. I remember almost passing out after getting the epidural... But I didn't completely! And that was good for me! Haha. It seemed like the epidural worked after a few minutes and I decided to go to sleep again. I woke up a couple hours later for the hears shift change and was so happy because my new nurse was the same one I had with Calvin. She was a family friend and was so good at her job. I was so glad she would be there again. She started me on the pit because I was only at a 6. The contractions started again! I could feel them! All of them. My legs were numb but my whole abdomen could feel every contraction. My epidural was not working well. 

I don't remember every detail at this point. The Dr. On call came in and talked to us about what was going to happen. I would have to deliver in the OR for the possibility of having a c section. The OR had a window that connected directly into the nicu so they could pass the babies in immediately after they were born. I would also have to deliver on an OR table. Which is not ideal... It's very small. At about 9 am they said I was at a 9 and it was time to go. My mom and Tyler were both suited up in their blue scrubs and were able to be in the OR with me. My good friend was also there taking pictures for me! She is a NICU nurse so they let her in, too. It was a party! Haha. (The pics turned out amazing by the way. I'll share a few... Sorry if some are too showy. You've been warned)

                     Waiting patiently 

                Saying a little prayer

              Mad at the contractions 

       My last belly pic- 35 weeks :)

                       My mom ❤️

Finally the anesthesiologist came in a tuned up my epidural! For the last hour the nurses were all standing by my Or bed rolling me this way and that trying to get me comfortable enough to endure those awful contractions. So I was glad to see him! Or hear his voice rather... I don't think I saw him haha. A couple minutes later Dr. Stinger told me to start pushing. The nurse counted to ten and said push again. After only 4 pushes, my 2nd born baby boy arrived at 10:08 am. 

          Riggen Thomas. 4.11 lbs

                   Time stood still 💙

We saw him for a couple seconds and then they passed him through the nicu window.

I remember the Dr saying the second baby was still pretty high. We needed to wait for him to drop in order to deliver him. He also mentioned that Riggen's placenta was in the way and couldn't be delivered until after both babies were out or it would cause complications. 

I kept watching his face. Dr. Stingers. I remember the nurse giving me oxygen, telling me to keep breathing to keep the babies heart rate up. I could hear his heart rate go down. And then come back up. And then back down. And it wasn't coming back up. 

I looked at his face again. He was going to do an emergency c section. I could tell without him even saying it. The very thing I had been fearing the last few weeks. A double whammy. Vaginal and cesarean deliveries. 

At this point I didn't care. Get this baby out! Make sure he's safe. And then he said it. "We need to do a c section." 

Tyler kissed me and said he loved me and that everything would be ok. Then he left. My mom left. Everyone I knew left. And I felt alone! 

The nurses and doctors started setting up for surgery. It didn't take long. They gave me more numbing medicine and I felt calm. Then a nurse came by my side and grabbed my hand and told me she wasn't going to leave me. I was grateful for that ❤️. 

She started to give me a play by play. They're making the incision. Youre going to feel pressure. Lots of pressure! Lots of movement! And he was out. At 10:39 am. My 3rd born baby boy. Dawson Van. He had the sweetest little cry in the world. The tears appeared without warning. He's here and crying and that has to mean he's ok. 

           Time stood still again 💙

               Dawson Van. 4.13 lbs

It took forever it seems for them to stitch me up. I kept sending the nurse to check on the baby. "He was a little purple but they say he's doing good!" 

They took me into recovery. As soon as you can feel your feet you can go see your babies the nurses told me. In the meantime, my family got to come in a couple at a time to see me. The medicine they had me on caused a never ending cycle of tears and emotions. I was so happy to see everyone. 

Finally I could feel my feet! I was going to see my babies. I remember not knowing who to name what... We had their names picked out I just didn't know who was who. Luckily Tyler named them for me, and he did a perfect job. 

We are so glad they are here with us. Even though the delivery and all else after that was not ideal for us. Dr. Stinger did such an amazing job. All the nicu nurses and doctors. They were all amazing. We are so grateful for them all! 

Here are a few more pictures of the boys in the nicu. And thanks again Molly for taking these pics! 

     I'm quite fond of these two nurses!
(And the nurse taking the pictures! She ended up staying and working because things got so crazy!)

  Dawson had to intubated. Apparently that doesn't happen too often. So grateful for modern medicine.

We love them both so much! And they are doing so well now! A little update: they are both over 7 lbs and eating and growing so good! 

       And just like that, a family of 5. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

A night at the park

Yesterday was a fabulous day for Pocatello. 75 degrees with hardly even a breeze. The sun felt so nice. We loved it. 

Tyler has been traveling to Jackson Hole for work a lot, which leaves Calvin and I home, lonely to ourselves more than usual. Normally we would go to my parents or my sisters house to hang out and kill some time, but they are all in California havin a blast at Disneyland! 

I didn't wanna sit my apartment all night, it was too gorgeous outside! So I sent a text, and met up at the park with friends Annie Simmons and her sweet boy Carter, and Molly Landon and her sweet girl Caroline. 

My friend Molly is a photographer in real life, and she had this cool camera lense for her iPhone she brought with to the park to take some pics of the kids! She sent them to me last night, they turned out so cute! 

 The only way Calvin goes down the slide is on his belly haha!

Sweet Caroline in this pic cracks me up! Such a cutie.

Seriously though... Not sure how one can make an iPhone pic look so professional... But Molly can! Haha. Calvin looking way too handsome with those baby blues <3

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

E A S T E R | 2014

Hello friends. I know... It's been a while (pronounce as whhhhile), so I figured I would right a little post during Calvin's nap time and catch you up on a few things and about our Easter weekend :)

So here's a little update on my little family of 3: Tyler- is working so hard to finish this semester and keep good grades! He's doing awesome... He works nights and gets home usually between 4-6 and is up for his first class by 10:30. I couldn't be more grateful for his hard work. Love that baby daddy of mine <3 
I (me, myself and Irene ;)- have been doing my usual routine of hanging out with Calvin every minute of every day. Mothering is my main job these days, and I wouldn't have it any other way :) I have also been busting my butt to get to the gym and eat healthy every day for the last 3 months. I still have 3 weeks left in my 8 week challenge, excited for it to be over and to eat a cheeseburger would be an understatement! Haha. 
Calvin- is busy being a growing boy! It just hit me the other day that he is now not so much a baby anymore, but a growing toddler. He is slipping away from me every minute that passes by, but I can't help but be grateful for the fine boy he is turning out to be. "And he's so smart, Jenny." (Try saying that without tearing up. Forrest Gump for those of you who didn't catch on...) but really, he's so smart. He's starting to mimic little words and lines Tyler and I say: love, thank you, please, no no no, la la la, and night night. He's starting to like books! I've been worried he wasn't ever going to like them... But as of late he will bring me a book and sit my lap while I read to him. I love it. He has 11 teeth!! 3 of them just came through in the last week! He loves to play outside, drink from his sippy cup, play with his ball, play chase, and dance. We love him so much. 14 months never looked so good. Tyler and I often look at each other at random times and say "he's so cute, babe. How is he so cute?" 

Easter weekend was so great to us. Although I didn't get to have any Easter candy because of my challenge... I saved it all in a gallon size Baggie to save for my cheat day... Coming up real soon. 
Playing the Easter bunny was fun for me. After cal went to bed Saturday night, I stayed up and prepared. I made bunny bait for my primary kids, which smelled so delicious. I didn't even lick the spoon or my fingers...  

      (This is as crafty as it gets for me...)

                 Stuffed our Baskets

And enjoyed my time with my family I have been so blessed with. I'm so grateful for my Savior, and for the many sacrifices he made me for me personally. Because of him I get to live with these sweet souls for Eternity. There is no greater blessing than that. 

Here's a few more random pics from the last couple weeks! Hope everyone had a great Easter! 

These folks are my cosmetology instructors... And two of them are retiring this year so I won't be able to see then as often. Love them so much <3

                  Dwight K. Schrute

A blog will be coming soon to fully explain what these keys go to :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mustache Bash

So i know im a little behind and all, but i have to make a quick post about Calvins first birthday!!
When Calvin woke up that morning, i burst in his room with a handful of balloons and showered them over his crib. The look on his face was priceless. Like, the best day of my life face. haha. We (and when i say we i mean Calvin) then had oreos for breakfast (because what one year old doesnt deserve cookies for breakfast on their birthday?), and afterward headed to the gym. I know, i feel like a terrible mom for taking Cal to the gym daycare on his birthday, and i wasn't originally planning on going, but lets face it, I've become somewhat of a gym junkie...any who... i didnt feel as bad taking him because i know he LOVES that place. So we went and he had a good time with the other kids. I had to run a few errands for party supplies after the gym, so we did that, went home and Calvin had a nap while my mom came over to help me decorate the cake and set up for the party. So my lovely sister Sarah is a baker! she is awesome, she does cupcakes and cakes and cookies and lots of yummy treats. She even has a bakery out of her home! Sweet Bliss Cupcakes. They are amaze balls, let me tell ya. So of course i had her make calvins cake and some sugar cookies! The plan was for her to bake the actual cake at home, and then come down to Pocatello early to help me decorate it. She lives in Idaho Falls, and the weather was really crappy and stormy that day (just like it was the same day a year prior ;) So she called me and told me she wasnt going to be able to make it, and that she had sent the cookies and cake home with Tyler (who works with her husband and they had work in Idaho Falls that morning, luckily). Soooo... i had my mom come help me. Cause shes good at that stuff... and im not the greatest baker... Heres the final product. I was pretty proud!
Cute right!? we actually made the fondant and all! I even frosted it! (i guess my skills from working at Mrs.Powells bakery for two years finally payed off ;) We got the birthday banner and picture banner all set up, the table organized and hung the tissue pom poms i made just in time for people to start arriving for the Mustache Bash. Honestly, there were so many people in our tiny apartment i hardly remember what happened next haha. We opened presents, and watched Calvin get spoiled rotten! While we were all sporting our mustaches of course!
We got Calvin a slide, some outfits and couple pairs of cute shoes! He loooooves his slide. And is finally starting to be able to sit and slide down on his own haha. We have been practicing ;)
It was honestly such a fun day. And we felt so loved by everyone who came and supported Calvin and our family on his day! We love you all and thank you for coming to party with us! We love our Calvin so much and i still cant believe how much love can grow in just a years time. Here are some more pictures from the party, including bath time with cousin Ise after he ate his cake :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

12 | m o n t h s

One year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. 525,900 minutes. (I know you all thought it was 525,600 huh? ;) how do you really measure a year though?? 

On March 1st, 2013 at 11:51 am, after 8 hours of exahsting labor, I finally delivered this beautiful baby boy. 

Calvin Tyler McKee weighed in at 7.4 lbs and 21 inches long. Along with the birth of this sweet babe, came the birth of my motherhood. The absolute best calling in my life. I live every day for his laughter, cries, kisses and hugs. I read a quote a while back and fell in love with it, but I can't remember where! In a few short words, it describes exactly how grateful I am to my first born son. "I made you, but you made me a mother." And there is no greater gift that anyone could ever give me than that <3 

Anywho, here is how I would measure Calvin's first year. I've never been good with words, so pictures will have to do. Happy birthday Calvin! We love you more than you will EVER know.